What is this?

I was having a hard time pulling out statistics around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
I went straight to the source and found them. I explored them in ways that were meaningful to me, and am now sharing those results.
I'm a software engineering, not a epidemiologist. I've tried to avoid qualitative assesments, and just show the numbers.

Who are you?

This site was put together by Dylan Watt, a developer.

Where is data coming from?

New York Times Data (This is the only one actively displayed)
European CDC
John Hopkins University

How does this work?

You can find the source code on github.
Generally speaking, the site checks for new data from different sources on an hourly basis, and ingests them for reporting purposes.
Typescript/Postgres/Redis backend and a vanillajs frontend with some d3.

I have feedback.

Please use the issues to let me know anything that could use improvement.
Or send me an email at dylan@dylanwatt.com.